Vehicle / Parking Regulations

  • Parking: Cars may not block a driveway (even your own), block sidewalks, park on grass or hardscape (paved driveways only), or park across driveways (sideways in the drive). Cars, boats, RVs may not be left in one place on the street over 72 hours. Oversized vehicles, including RVs, are not allowed overnight without a permit. For information on this regulation See for more information.
  • B Parking Permit
    Much, but not all, of CVE is within the B Parking Permit area. Parking in the B permit area is restricted to cars with sticker or visitor’s permit at the times posted on the signs. Permits on cars are valid throughout the B parking area. The Guest parking placards are only valid on the block of the issuing house. Generally service providers with marked vehicles are not ticketed. Temporary two week permits are available from the city parking office for workers on specific projects (e.g. remodeling) but are not to be used for regular workers (e.g. weekly gardener or cleaning help).   Apply here for your B Permit
  • SDSU Residential Identification Sticker – SDSU issues a residential identification sticker for your rearview mirror which allows traffic control guards on duty during large SDSU events to wave you through.
  • For more information:
    • 619-744-1710 (
    • 866-470-1308 B Parking Temporary Workers Permits
      City Treasurer, 1010 2nd Ave., 6th Fl, West Tower
    • 619-236-5500 Parking Violations – Off-Street
    • 619-531-2000 Parking Violations – On-Street
    • 619-594-5846 SDSU Residential Car Stickers