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CVEA is an incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit membership association of College View Estates’ residents with the goal of improving the quality of life in our neighborhood. Membership is voluntary and is open to anyone living in or owning property in College View Estates. Meetings are open to all and are four times a year at 7:00 PM in a neighbor’s home. For location, email CVEA President  CVEA typically has a membership rate of over 50% of the neighborhood, which is extraordinary for a voluntary community association.

Block Coordinators connect all residents to their neighbors and to CVEA. The association organizes community wide social events and makes contributions to organizations in the larger community. CVEA is apolitical but does work to influence city decisions affecting quality of life in CVE.


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CVEA membership, which is open to all who reside or own property in College View Estates, is renewed in January of each calendar year. Membership dues and donations support CVEA activities such as the block party, progressive dinner, tree planting, and the CVEA Gazette newsletter, as well as contributions to community organizations. Only members are invited to the annual progressive dinner.

Membership dues are voluntary and are fully tax deductible since CVEA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. CVEA members who donate at least the suggested $20 minimum qualify for the significantly discounted “Affiliate” rate at SDSU’s Aztec Recreation Center (ARC). The ARC has fitness facilities, swimming pools and tennis courts.

To join CVEA, use this secure electronic Membership Application. Alternatively, you may pay by check by printing this form and submitting it following the directions on the form. If you need assistance, contact

Who is My Block Captain?
Download list of current Block-Captains

The Gazette Newsletters

The CVEA Gazette is produced triennially and distributed free to all residences in College View Estates. The first issue was Fall 1996, created by Jerry Weaver. Jerry continued to edit and produce until 2001 when RD Williams assumed production responsibility. Our current hard-working editors  and listed in the committees section below.

Early editions were done on a typewriter and photocopied with occasional drawings. The first photographs were added in 2002 and the full color edition debuted in 2008, the same year the “Meeting Our Neighbors” column was introduced on a regular basis.

Our editors are eager to include others on the Gazette team. They are always looking for fresh ideas on how to improve the Gazette and are interested in what you would like to see covered. We can always use help with supplying content; if you would like to submit an article or write an article, please contact one of our current editors (see Gazette in the Committees section below.

Gazette Archives

View or download past editions of the Gazette

CVEA Board Members & Committees

Prashant Bharadwaj, President, College Gardens Ct.

Vi Calvo, Vice President, College Gardens Ct.

Nate NieriTreasurer, College Gardens Ct.

Ann Cottrell, Corporate Secretary, Manhasset Dr.

Josette Alvarez, Recording Secretary, Walsh Way

Jean Hoeger, Board Member & Code Compliance, Redding Rd.

Edward Aguado, Board Member & Membership, Redding   Rd.

Pat McGann, Board Member & Beautification, Remington Rd.

Dan Bannister, Board Member & Beautification, Dorman Dr.

About the Committees

Progressive Dinner
This committee coordinates our annual Progressive Dinner. 
Searching for a new chairperson(s) – it could be you!   Just email a board member.

The Beautification Committee has planted over 150 parkway trees in CVE at very little cost to homeowners. The Committee also arranges the annual CVE large trash collection event in the spring.
Pat McGann, Co-Chair
Dan Bannister, Co-Chair

Block Party
This committee coordinates our annual Block Party. 
Searching for a new chairperson(s) – it could be you!   Just email a board member.

Code Compliance
CVEA’s code enforcement chair works closely with CVE residents and the city on code violations.
Jean Hoeger, Chair

CVEA Gazette & Communications
This committee produces the CVEA Gazette newsletter, writes articles for local papers and handles correspondence.
Ann Cottrell, Co-Chair 
Josette Alvarez, Co-Chair

CVEA’s hospitality chair welcomes new residents with a plant and information about CVE, city resources etc. She also extends congratulations on new babies and sends get well and sympathy cards.
Eleanor Lynch, Chair

Membership is responsible for conducting the membership drive and keeping membership records.
Terri Scott, Chair

Block Captains

Download list of current Block-Captains

CVEA’s Block Captains (BCs) are the link between CVEA and individual households. BC’s are encouraged to attend CVEA meetings to provide input, keep current of events/issues in the community and to share these with neighbors. On a more formal level BCs assist with the membership drive for their block and deliver the Gazette and fliers for events such as the block party and progressive dinner to households on their block.

BCs are also the association’s eyes and ears, noting problem rentals and safety concerns, as well as letting us know when we have a new neighbor, marriage, birth or death to acknowledge.

Cindy Gilbertson, Block Captain Coordinator,

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