SDSU Dorms



SDSU Dorm Proposal

Detailed preliminary renditions of the proposed dorm complex on Remington Road were presented at a special CVEA meeting in March. CVEA applauds SDSU’s plan to provide more on-campus housing and to require all non-local sophomores to live on campus. With proper mitigations for traffic, parking, noise intrusion, etc., CVEA could support phase one being built on the parking lot near the east end of Remington Rd. There is great concern, however, that SDSU wants to build all phases of this massive project on the already most congested area of the campus and main entrance to our neighborhood, when there are many other places on campus where phases two and three could be built. Have a look at the attached preliminary renderings showing what the proposed complex could look like. Both phases two and three are built in our environmentally sensitive canyons. Phase two is a massive 14-story/850 bed complex immediately adjacent to CVE homes (there is no other building that tall on campus). Phase 3 is four 11-story dorms accommodating 866 beds directly behind the existing 11-story Chapultepec dorm. Public comment will be taken when the final Environmental Impact Report is presented in the late spring or early summer.
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