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Our Community

College View Estates is an entirely residential community of 341 single family homes. We are a diverse, friendly community of neighbors who look out for each other, support the neighborhood association and gather annually for a spring block party and fall progressive dinner.

With only two entrances and no major through-roads, it is a quiet and very safe community. Though self contained it is centrally located, adjacent to Interstate 8 and the trolley, providing easy access to the city and coast, major shopping centers and hospitals.

We are served by excellent public schools, and our neighbor, San Diego State University, provides a great variety of cultural, sports, and recreational activities right at our doorstep.

"If you want to find a good place to live just ask people if they trust their neighbors." Countries/communities with high social trust have happier people, better health and less fear of crime according to David Brooks in the New York Times, 3/30/10.